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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

a smelly afternoon

I start this blog with a picture of a slurry tanker. A nice full slurry tanker in fact.

Hubby has just gone to find somewhere to spread it as the contents are very strong! The smell made me realise how true to life the aroma in Yorvik Viking Centre is. Pooooooooo.

On a more serious note, the septic tank was bursting out all over, not nice, so, & this is one of the advantages of being married to a farmer, is that they are used to nasty smells & doing unspeakable things with their hands. Only problem as in afore mentioned paragraph, the stuff is too strong for grasses so....any suggestions?

Today the colours have been really vivid. spring seems to be racing ahead with no looking back. Any rain promised last night & this morning came to nothing, more of a rain tease of overcast skies, damp atmosphere & that was it. No puddles, no slicked down dust, no wetness. OK out there, who has got the rain & does anyone know a really good rain dance?

From my brief blog of excitement this morning, you will have gathered that l am off until Saturday for a few days rest spite from the asylum. We have stopped in the same small hotel before, the views are to die for, the food great & it's totally isolated being on the far side of lake Windemere, not far from Beatrix Potter's house so no noise apart from lambs, the birds & hubby snoring!
When our main business enterprise was dairy farming any breaks or holidays had to fall round the farming calender of turn out, silaging, harvest & drilling now it revolves around the tourist season as well. We have for the past few years managed to escape in January or February & again in September for jolly little jaunts far enough away that we can't be called back to change a fuse. Hubby is very choosy where he actually goes. The destination will not do if it has any of the following criteria; more than 10 rooms, all inclusive, evening entertainment, holiday reps. We do Trip Advisor & internet. The same thing applies here, though we have another add too no ties required.
ps: this may sound really corny, but thanks for the comments about the site, l am getting my head round it all now so l might be able to help on easy set up problems for blogs.
pps: that magazine article [remember from the dark side] has come out today, without [praise the lord] any pictures of little old me, phew, all that face pulling really paid off. Stephen is the replacement sitting with his heifers holding a tub of ice cream.


Tattie Weasle said...

Have a brill away time and that all is smelling luverly on your return!


lets hope they are not muck spreading in the lake district then!


They do a funny thing with fumier here (cow pooh to you) they leave it in great (and I mean really great) big piles in fields in the middle of nowhere all winter where it sits adn steams, a beautiful sight on a frosty morning. Then they transport it in trailers and hurl it about the place then plough it all in after a few days!!

Yannick has been doing it all week in the field next door. THEN they plough up the field where it has been sitting rotting all it gets to benefit two fields.

But it still stinks of course, the kids say" ├ža pu" as the kids said today as they came out of school..."that stinks!"

Suffolkmum said...

Have a fantastic time. i love that part of the lakes - but then I love east Yorks too. My husbnad has pretty much the same criteria for going away.

Brownmouse said...

Sorry - we nicked all the rain. It's done its job and spring is bursting out all over. We'll pass it on to you now.


Pondside said...

Your page is really good to look at. I must get ot work on mine! Have a great time off - restful and whatever else it needs to be. Hope your husband relaxes too.

lixtroll said...

Matron has just popped in to tell you not to worry, the chat room has gone down temporarily owing to an error on Google which is preventing us cleaning out the fosses to make room for new posts!

You can still blog away merrily here on your own page, and to leave comments on all the others.

lixtroll said...

Matron is visiting again with an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!

The chat-room is experiencing problems with overloading which we think is causing it to be marked as SPAM, which is in effect locking us all out :-

So in the mean time: each day please look out for the post called ANNOUNCE NEW BLOGS HERE and put your announcements in as comments on that post.

This will still leave space for one personal post per person which we can all comment on.

This is purely a temporary measure, we are keen to get the chatroom back to the weird and wonderful way it was going before - we are looking into various options at the moment (by the way, have you noticed that option is an anagram of potion) - WesterWitch! put down that cauldron!

@themill said...

hope you're feeling suitably rested by the time you read this. Nothing smells worse than the cr**p from dairy cows! Very wise to escape it at its worst.

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